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Why Hass Avocado
Hass avocado is a variety of avocado with dark green coloured rough surface. Hass avocado is a large-sized fruit weighing 200 to 300 grams. When ripe, the skin becomes a dark purplish-black and yields to gentle pressure. When ready to serve, it becomes white-green in the middle part of the inner fruit. Owing to its taste, size, shelf-life, high growing yield and in some areas, year-round harvesting is possible.
Hass Avocado seedling Kshs. 150
Hass avocado is the most commercially popular avocado worldwide. It is also the most nutritive among fruits and is regarded as the most important contribution of the New World to human diet, according to Food and Agriculture Organisation (Fao). Hass avocados mature between two and three years, have a long-life span of more than 50 years.

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