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MAGSA  Logistics Limited is a leading supplier of high-quality fruit seedlings, farm input, and soil sampling services. We cater to both farmers and organizations, providing them with top-notch products and services to enhance their agricultural practices. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Magsa Logistics Limited is dedicated to supporting the growth and success of our clients in the farming industry geared for the export market.

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Advance Agri-Technology

Overall, the advancement of agri-technology has transformed fruit farming into a highly efficient and sustainable industry. Precision agriculture, genetic modification, robotics, IoT devices, and vertical farming have all contributed to increased yields, reduced resource usage, and improved quality control. As we face the challenges of feeding a growing population while preserving our natural resources, the adoption of advanced agri-technology in fruit farming will continue to be essential in meeting these demands.

On time Delivery

Making an order with us is timely and we will deliver on the agreed time frame for farmer and client convenient

Customer Support

Our team is established around upto date and quick response that is why 24/7 you will have our ears and an expert will be online 24/7 to support your queries while our field officers will be within reach in the usage of our products.



Over a long period of time, we have been reasearching on fruits and agriculture as sustainable agri business in Kenya and East Africa. MAGSA was established on the basis of sustainable Africa in fruit farming. We have been working with various research institutions including various Kenyan universities and various scholars in Kenya to give best solutions in Agri business sectors. We have also worked with various agriculture sectors including established Tree nurseries to get climate friendly solutions to fit farmers needs. Welcome to our page where you will learn more about fruits, you will be able to get and Order our fruit seedlings and 

Hass Avocado seedling  Kshs. 150
Why  Fruits

over Decades African Countries have been dependent on Agriculture, meanwhile fruits have been scarce over time as little rresearch has been given opportunity to manifest. since then demand has gone up while there is little supply thus venturing into frui farming will attract ready market for the farm produce.

Our Services

MAGSA has invested in rearch to supply the best fruit seedling to the farmer from the best fruit nurseries in the world. Our fruit seeding are customised to grow in climate specific locations. our main target is the Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi areas where we have researched and tested to ensure farmers dont go into losses.

Our Speciality

1. Soil sampling and Analysis

2. Hass avocado  seedings

3. Mango seedlings

4. Orange Seedlings

5. Macadamia Seedlings

6. Organic Fertilisers

7. Agro chemicals and Farm Machineries and Equipment

  All our Fruit trees are grafted 

We Are Commited To Empower Fruit Farmers in East Africa & Beyond

Hass Avocado seedling

Golden Mango seedlings

modern Orange farming

Our Core Business

Our Core business is Promoting and selling Hass Avocado Trees alongside Macadamia, Pixie Orange and Mango Seedlings.


Our Prices

Hass Avocado Seedling

Kshs. 200

Macadamia Seedlings

Kshs. 200

Pixie Orange Seedlings

Kshs. 200

Mango tree seedlings

Kshs. 200

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Macadamia seedlings Kshs. 200
Macadamia the new Gold

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The Richness In Fruit Business

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